Remmy – My Day at the Zoo @ Dade City’s Wild Things


Remmy – My Day at the Zoo @ Dade City’s Wild Things

Hi, my name is Remington but I liked to be called Remmy.  I am a Bengal white tiger cub and I am not a mutt.  I have good genetic genes, my human mommy told me!

I would like to tell you about part of my life at the ZOO here at Dade City’s Wild Things.  I get up early before everyone gets to the ZOO and I am excited for the first one to arrive, he is my swimming pal Randy “The Tiger Man”.  He always walks by and stops to say hi to me every morning and I am sure to chuff back too.

Next to wake up, as the sun is coming up is my garden pals, the Macaws.  Now they are quite entertaining but annoying at times too.  They squawk and squawk every time someone is in eye sight too.  As the other keepers come to work I chuff to say hi and they all stop and say hi back – even trying to chuff back at me.

Wait – I hear it now . . the jeep is cranking up and they are coming by soon.  I slip to the grown and hide behind the boards.  Wait for it. . . wait for it. . . then boom!! As they come by, they do not see me til I pounce on the boards at them and then most scream. . this is so much fun to surprise them. . . I chuff and chuff til they go by.

Then I wait patiently. . . The birds seem to get fed first everyday. . .they are singing and excited they are getting fed. . . I am patient because I know one of my trainers will be coming soon with my dinner too.  Awe here she is . . she is chuffing at me and then YUMMMM meat!!  I gobble it up even before she has left.  Wow that was good. . so I go check out my clean water bowl and give it a few laps. . then I think. . . hummm. .. yep splash time. . It is so much fun to jump up on and into my fresh bowl of water.  It makes a mess but it sure is fun.  Guess its nap time. . I jump up on my deck and stretch out for a little siesta. . but not to deep a sleep as I do not want to miss anything.

Awe the sun feels good as I am laying hear. . “Remington . . Remington”  I hear my name being called I open my eyes quickly but I see no one.  As I am looking around “Remmy” there it is again. . As I quickly glance around as I am sitting up. . .no humans around?  Humm. . I jump down and start walking around looking harder for my trainer as I am sure it was her calling me. . . Remington. . there it goes again.  As I glace around I see the macaws flapping their wings at me calling my name Remington, Remington, Here Remmy.  I slouch down and slowly advance towards them and as they flap there wings again. . POUNCE. . they jump back and start screaming and flapping their wings. . This is so much fun.  Awe. . here comes more guest to see me.

They come around the gardens to see me calling my name. . hey I know you . . you held me when I was only a few weeks old. . and you swam with me in the pool. . its very nice to see you again.  I see Randy my buddy bringing them around to see me again.  Wait . . what do they have . . awe my treats.  This is great I get some choice meat treats.  I jump up and look them in the eye as they pass the meat over to me and I so ever gently take it and patiently wait for more.  Yumm yumm that sure was good.  I give them a lot of good chuff’s to thank them for the treats.  I hope more guest come to bring me treats too.

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