Zookeeper’s experience while raising Two Monkey BOYS . . .

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boys10389563_856676797683781_2559585741680540654_n Its been quite an experience working with two monkey boys as apposed to single monks. My experience with these boys is enlightening me I have to say raising two kids close in age has helped. Its amazing but at a few months old they are so much like two brothers.

Dean is about a month older and he has more confidence that Jerry and there personalities could not be more different. Dean is definitely the older brother and Jerry will hang around him usually on his back. This is creating a continued issues as Dean is getting stronger due to the weight he carries and Jerry will continue to fall to his dominance.

Overall they get along very good, Dean is protective and does not like when they are separated. . But Jerry is more dependent but once Dean is out of the picture he has taken on more independence and confidence while they are separated. But, he falls back into the dependent roll when together.

A cute thing happened when they were eating together. Both Dean & Jerry actually get along great during bottle and food time. . they are patient with each other and share. But on this particular day, it was different. They bypassed all the foods for the chopped apple pieces. As there was plenty to go around the problem did not occur til Jerry got the last piece which did not go unnoticed by Dean. So Dean quickly snatched it away which caused Jerry to throw himself down screaming and throwing a royal tantrum.

But at other times Dean is quite helpful to the Trainers. They are eager to greet the trainers in the morning for bottle time. Most times they do 1 monkey feeding at a time. . which causes allot of noise as the one left screams as he is not sure that you will remember him. They are quite impatient. This particular time Dean was the quickest into the Trainers hands so Jerry impatiently and loudly let his presence be known. When it came time to switch Dean jumped right into the cage and on this day Jerry did not run to the trainer as he was still in the process of throwing his tantrum. So Dean jumped back into trainers arms which stopped Jerry in his tracks and he ran to the trainer thinking he was going to loose out. The second Jerry reached the trainer. . Dean jumped off and went back into the cage. I guess he was tired of Jerry’s tantrums and decided to help the trainers by tricking Jerry. It was extremely cute and helpful.

A fun thing happened yesterday with one of our guest meeting Jerry. He has recently been introduced to the leash and has more freedom to explore with humans. This particular time Jerry jumped over to the little girl and pulled the top of her shirt away and peered into it. She screamed and Jerry jumped back to the trainer hanging on and looking at her like “what was that noise”. . they don’t mind making noises but are not sure when humans make it. Being a curious monkey he was just curious to what was hiding in all those cloths.

Jerry is the jumping bean, when he is excited he will jump up and down continuously in place til you come do what he wants as for Dean, he just waits patiently.

As close as they are they have not adapted to a stuffed animal as a single monk does, even when separated. They still get excited with connecting with humans and are very curious and love to be held, although Dean will wonder and try and explore. . as Jerry tries to keep up.

Since Dean is older we are starting to expose him to different environments. One being a tree ! ! We placed Dean on the tree trunk and let him explore (with a leash). He was very timid at first but then he became interested. . as such we stepped back some to give him room. . WRONG. . panic set in and he leaped to the trainer. . but time stood still for seconds as Dean realized he had not jumped out far enough and was going come up short. He had this “Oh Crap!” look and started to contort his body not knowing how to stop and go back in midair. Oh course the trainer was on her toes and caught him without incident. Allot of clinging went on and he decided tree climbing can wait another day.

Dean was also introduced to water as Rhesus monkeys love water and can swim very well in the wild. We took him on his leash to a bucket of water but he was having trouble reaching the water. The trainer decided pool time ! ! She placed him on her knees and he watched her swooshing the water with her fingers. Dean being the independent boy he is imitating her and swooshed the water. He then reached up and smelled his fingers and sucked the water off and repeated over and over. This water thing is not so bad. We did not push our luck yet with a swimming lesson.

It will be some exciting posting coming soon with two monkey boys in a tree or swimming. .

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