Tiger Move across the US

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Tigers Move across the United States from Florida to their new home in Montana.

The adventure begins as The Zoo in Montana calls Dade City’s Wild Things inquiring to adopt two tigers for their exhibit since their tiger died. The Community was missing the tigers on exhibit. We told them we had the perfect tigers for them.

Sophie and Jasmine are sister cubs around 3 years of age. They have always been together and love being with people. Since being raised at Dade City’s Wild Things they have had lots of experience in being moved, shifted and working with the trainers and public. This would make for perfect candidates for such a big change.

We at Wild Things always researches the Zoo’s and does personal visits to assure our animals are going to a great place and that they will be able to continue the Conservation message that is important, especially for the plight of tigers. In this case one of our trainers also has family in Montana and we can continue to keep an eye on them.

Proper Permits and health certificates were acquired and the necessary preparations began.
We had to make sure we were equipped for the long trip for the many stops to feed, water, clean and let the tigers rest as they proceeded to cross the United States. We prepared the transport for them and sent 3 keepers with the two girls on the long trip.

As the trip progressed, the girls did awesome. They ate well and seemed to enjoy the ride. Once arriving at the Zoo in Montana, they stood to check out the new adventure ahead in their new home. As they were being moved to the indoor shift are, they just stood up and looked around. The staff at the Zoo in Montana were amazed how calm they were and commented that they were so healthy and not a mark on them. The girls were wheeled up to the door and as the door was opened they just sniffed the air and walked out and jumped up on the shelf and laid down. Once together they chuffed and head rubbed a greeting. Our girls made us proud on how well they handled the trip and adjustment at the Zoo.

As our keepers stayed on to assure the new staff was educated and trained on our girls. Jazzy and Sophie loved the new area and meeting all the new staff. They were fed and quickly gobbled up the meal and took a nap.

They loved exploring their new outdoor exhibit playing and running into the water. The only mishap they had was when guest came to the observation window, Sophie went running up to the guest to greet them and came quickly at a stop when she hit the window. But she quickly realized the barrier and just rubbed the window and chuffed at the guest.

The Zoo turned on the waterfall with trepidation not sure what they would do. . but the girls knew. They immediately went running up to, under and thru the running water, loving every minute of it. Unfortunately, when the water is turned off the girls become very demanding tapping on the rocks thinking they can make it come back on til they sulk away, only to be excited once its back on again.

The Zoo staff in Montana are extremely surprised and pleased at how much the girls love seeing the people and how they were so extremely well adjusted to the changes. We knew the girls would be a perfect match for this Zoo and Community. The Community is glad to have tigers back and they are doing a great job to continue educating the plight of tigers.

Everyone is excited to see their first reactions to SNOW ! ! !

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