Life of two tiger cubs

Life of two tiger cubs and the people in their lives

Life of two tiger cubs and the people in their lives

Before the dawn. Before the crow of the Rooster. Lions are stiring restless. They announce their presence for all to hear. My Mother who has been watching over my sister and I, begins to nuzzle and clean us. We are hungry once again, and search for her warm milk. We were born three days ago. Still unable to hear or see, we make haste to find our precious milk. We are getting better at finding her now. Our mothers chuffing breath is sweet and loving. Being able to chuff from our birth, our cries to her are pleasant to her ear. In our enclosure is our owner. She is vigilant and satisfied how well our mother cares for us. she has been ever on guard with our mother. Caring for her needs. Mother looks up at her with pride. She comes closer to inspect us. Our mother calmly allowing her into her presence, for she has been well cared for by our owner. Who has given not just security and food, but genuin concern and partnership. As the days pass, our eyes open and we can now hear. Our world is full of many things. Other animals are close to us. There are many people from time to time in our compound. When we are a few weeks old, the weather turns cold and she brings us extra hay. I snuggle up close to mom and sleep. My sister never stays still and becomes restless. Mom geys up and i feel chilled so i snuggle deeper into the hay and doze off. Mom comes back and I stir as my belly rumbles. Noelle starts to move around shifting under the hay. Suddenly I hear a cry from my sister and mom shifts to late as my sister is steped on as mom did not see her moving under the hay.   She doesn’t join me for milk and I get concerned. I go to snuggle woth her and realize that she can’t snuggle like she use too. Our Owner comes to check on us and she too realizes My sister seems wrong. She takes Her out and a friendly man called the Vet holds her softly. He weighs her and checks her out. So our owner decides to put us in the Nursery where we will get plenty to eat, and have round the clock care. We even sleep next to our owners, who talk to us and chuff like our mother.  Every day My sister starts to play and be more like herself. We play everyday and have many people who love us. I now know my name. It is Mobo! I am proud of my name. I answer my owner when I hear it!! Such a joyful name!!! My sister is Noelle, for the time of year we came into the world. We are Siberian tigers, we are special. My owner wants us to be ambasadors. We are endangered. Our kind are few in the wild. So few in fact that we may become extinct in the wild. I am innocent of all this. But not Mankind. If I were human, I would be indignant and angry this is happening. My owner understands why this is happening, and is fighting to protect and defend us from extinction all together. Innocent as my sister and I are, we just live the life we have with our owners. Not knowing or understanding all that goes on around us. We are happy, loved, well cared for and safe. As the days and weeks go by I want to relate to you the many things that are happening to us. I want to tell you our story. One that will teach you of us. That will bring you the truth. We hope you follow us on our journey…….. Till our next encounter. Be Brave, Be strong. Mobo. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Life of two tiger cubs

  1. Really well written, compelling and using the tiger cubs to talk about their world at Wild Things really drew me in as a reader. Thanks

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